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Frank Schnittger:
So, for all practical purposes, the UK is already outside of the EU.
Well, as I mentioned in my diary, since the UK is still a EU member, they still have to send £350m each week to Brussels (OK, minus some EU funding received in return), implement all "bendy bananas" directives from the reviled Eurocrats, and keep allowing free flow of migrating Poles (or French, or Portuguese or...), all things that are routinely denounced in the tabloid press.

Not to mention that "uncertainty is bad for business".

The Brexiters now seem stunned by their unexpected success, but how long will it take for them to turn really, really nasty when they realize that the Tories/UKIP (whomever succeeds Dave, Boris and Nigel) haven't even started to plan to extricate Britain from the EU's evil clutches?

Muddling through can only be a temporary stopgap. Something's got to give eventually, but what?

by Bernard (bernard) on Mon Jul 4th, 2016 at 06:42:06 PM EST
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