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Do ballots list the party affiliation of candidates?

Yes, but at least in Sweden that is because it is primarily a party ballot, which also lists the candidates. But you can vote for a party in an election without voting for any particular person. So the party selects their candidates and they may or may not demand in their internal procedures that dues are paid before they nominate, but for all anyone who has not read their internal documents knows, their candidates may not even be members (though they likely are). Membership in parties for the rank and file is treated as somewhat of a secret, and trying to find out who is a member is close to McCarthy-ism. Unless the member has an official capacity, their membership is not a matter for anyone outside the party.

Your question appears to be connected with how you register to vote. Do ballots in the US get party affiliation from what the candidates registered as when they registered to vote.

by fjallstrom on Wed Jun 8th, 2016 at 06:15:19 AM EST
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