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I'm reminded of what I wrote about Obama's prospective Presidency back in the early days of this site;-

It was Matt Taibbi who first identified the real problem with Barack Obama, that he is a largely self-satisfied exponent of the status quo. Jerome's recent (and necessary) evisceration of his foreign policy statements only underlines the fact that, should Obama become US President, nothing much will change. Not on the foreign policy front, and, especially, not on the domestic front.

I feel we're in the same territory with Hillary. Politicians rarely make concrete promises during campaigns, "Hope" and "Change" are more their tenor. "I'm not Trump" will probably do for Hillary.

But what we missed with our cynicism over Obama was .... everything. Everything that mattered anyway. You can complain about this or that, and god knows I've had a few moans myself about this and that, but the fact is, Obama has done a large amount. And condiering the opposition he's faced while doing it, it is beyond amazing he achieved anything.

Hillary will not be Obama, she will not be Bill. She has given no hostages to fortune, made no promises I can think of. But she has spent 25 years at the forefront of power. She's learned hard bitter lessons. Nobody denies she's an intensely bright, capable person, with character forged in the white heat of public vitriol few can even imagine, let alone experience. And she has come through whole.

Do. Not. Under-Estimate. This. Woman.

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by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Tue Jun 7th, 2016 at 04:00:23 PM EST

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