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... This is simply a leftist way to buy into TINA. Rising inequality, or hell, the low growth in much of the first world has nothing to do with impersonal economic or technological forces.

It's class warfare from the top down. Typical wages are stagnant because politicians and central banks have expended enormous amounts of effort on keeping them low or dropping.
Wealth is concentrating because politicians and central banks expend enormous effort on concentrating it.

Rising trade only matters to the extent that politicians often go out of their way to write the treaties governing that increase in ways that deliberately fuck over labor (ISDS. The emphasis on IP over tax enforcement, ect.)

TINA is a lie. All variants on TINA is a lie.

Every time you hear a new narrative why the way the suffering of the workers and little people of the world is necessary and unavoidable, remember - it is a lie.

There is nothing except malice preventing us from having a rising standard on living and employment based on improved recycling and manufacturing techniques. Atoms are infinitely recyclable, and energy is not scarce.

by Thomas on Tue Jul 12th, 2016 at 07:56:30 AM EST
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