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It would appear that the split in Labour is due to an ongoing contest for the narrative between the elites, who own the newspapers and the labour base, which has stopped believing the self-serving stories spewed forth by the press as to what Labour supporters want. The base has decisively rejected the story the elites concocted and elected Corbyn because he was the honest Labour leader who was available. Now the ownership of the Guardian is in a quandry.

Perhaps there is an opportunity here for the Morning Star. But they had best take care to see that some City billionaire doesn't buy enough shares to take control. But, if enough of Labour's base has caught on to have elected Corbyn by huge majorities this ongoing disinformation and FUD attack by the press, including much of the Guardian's coverage looks likely to fail.

Reform of the media indeed! Does Corbyn have proposals with any specifics. They might be applicable to the USA, where we have similar problems recently revealed by Bernie Sanders' campaign and the response it has drawn.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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