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To really understand the emnity, you have to go back to 1983 and the "longest suicide note in history"

Red Pepper - Alex Nunns - 1983: the biggest myth in Labour Party history

Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable. We know this because the ideas he espouses were emphatically rejected in the 1983 general election. His youthful supporters are ignorant of history. Labour will be obliterated if it moves left, just like 1983. It will be an act of political suicide, just like 1983. It will be an apocalypse, there will be fire and brimstone, humans will be wiped out and the world itself will explode - just like 1983.

That's a précis of every anti-Corbyn op-ed and every has-been politician's warning, repeated over and over again from the moment opinion polls signalled that something was going on in the Labour leadership contest.

MYTH: Labour lost the 1983 election because it was too left wing

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