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Just support for the NHS and improved social welfare policies will do a world of good, and the government can always subsidize home energy efficiency upgrades which would be very helpful to homeowners and the economy, as it would reduce energy imports. And he could push for affordable housing in London and in areas suitable for retirement living.

Does he or is he likely to support wind and solar? And does he have a policy on land use reform? Encouraging land based wind and solar for homeowners would create more decent jobs, as would better funding for NHS and social welfare. He could work to replace 'efficiency' with equality and effectiveness as a metric for social welfare efforts. That, if successful, would constitute a revolution.

The paradigm shift here need not involve totally new ideas. The problem is not what is known but what has been 'socially forgotten' - like the analysis of Keynes and his followers and of Kalecki, etc. Just bringing those ideas back into the public square would be paradigm shift enough!

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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