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Not to overcompensate for the western media's russophobia, but this line of argumentation seems rather weak to me.
Trump may very well be a Russian Manchurian candidate but aren't mob ties and not being rich enough good reason enough to not release tax returns? And anyway not being bellicose enough is something you'll get impeached over in the US.

The Russian and NATO maneuvers I'd classify as the usual primate flinging of fecal matter.

The main reason why I don't take the threat of a Russian invasion seriously is as follows:

Not knowing Russian I can't say anything with any confidence about Putin's statements about re establishing the old Empire. However he has been in power for decades and I haven't seen any reckless expansionism into the old Russian sphere of influence. When Georgia attacked the Russians didn't do any land grabs nor really meddled in the local government. When they were faced with the prospect of being turfed out of the Black Sea they grabbed the real estate around their base. They didn't set the old president on a tank and drove into Kiev nor did they annex the east. The latest Russian involvement is in Syria which shares with the above being militarily low risk and in defense of strategic assets(Tartus in this case).
Given this history I consider it really unlikely that the Russians even want the Baltics. As far as I know they are strategically worthless, the population is dominantly hostile toward Russia, whatever strategic resources they hold are a rounding error compared to Russia's reserves and the military operation would hold unprecedented risks compared to anything Putin ever ordered. I'm not sanguine about possible successors but I'm reasonable sure that Putin is the kind of calculating evil that won't risk blowing up the world to grab a few square miles of Baltic real estate.

by generic on Tue Aug 2nd, 2016 at 03:59:09 PM EST
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