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While the mishandling of Ireland may have been acknowledged, the general mishandling continues. Right now the commission, backed by Eurogroup and ECB, is strangling Finland's economy by the debt rules.

After cutting across the board last year, this year the Finnish education system is going through the shredder. Yes, they are sacrificing their world famous competitive edge to meet arbitrary targets. And the Commission lectures them for not meeting the targets fast enough.

And Ireland's experience might in general be good, if one ignores the horrible advice and threats of closed ATM's, but if one looks at GDP, the eurozone is growing slower than the non-eurozone EU. And while GDP is a bad measure, it is a bad measure with legal weight in the eurozone.

I think a bad divorce is the most likely scenario, right now probably starting with Italy. M5* is ahead in the polls, a financial crisis is looming, the referendum might get a no, etc. So new elections might be called, M5* might win and take Italy out of the eurozone.

I just hope they have the sense to hire some consultants from Greece.

by fjallstrom on Sun Aug 28th, 2016 at 09:10:10 AM EST
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