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I came across this yesterday, well worth a read in the current context. It looks like the US Treasury was expecting the Apple ruling and is going to come out swinging.

To me it seems that this is a very good fight that the EU Commission is picking. Especially in a week that saw the death knell of the TTIP.

The US Treasury just declared tax war on Europe » Uncounted

On this quiet August day, the US Treasury has fired the first shots of a tax war with Europe. And while it's wrapped up in a claim to defend international tax cooperation, it looks more like an attempt to prevent an effective measure against international tax-dodging - carried out, not least, by US companies. At the same time, the US continues as the leading hold-out against the automatic exchange of individuals' financial information; and to resist the growing tide of public registers of the beneficial ownership of companies. The stage is set for a prolonged battle.

By publishing a white paper titled `THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION'S RECENT STATE AID INVESTIGATIONS OF TRANSFER PRICING RULINGS' (h/t @RichardRubinDC), the US has signalled an end to a period of quiet tension. This long post considers why this matters; then sets out the main contents of the white paper; before concluding with an assessment of what is possible in the ensuing hostilities.

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by eurogreen on Wed Aug 31st, 2016 at 10:44:39 PM EST

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