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That is because, until Sander's campaign, the US never really had a left candidate. The Clinton's and Obama were centrist as are most Democratic elected officials. And that center is now to the right of where Eisenhower was. Over the time from Eisenhower to Bush 43 the 'Mainstream Media' really mattered, and, however liberal some claimed the reporting was, it was always owned and run by very wealthy people, most of whom were well to the right of Eisenhower and a lot of the very rich were true reactionaries - back to the 19th Century types.

It still took until the '80s to undermine what FDR had put in place. Bill Clinton really drove the stake through the heart of the New Deal philosophy with his confirmation of Reagan's themes of the end of welfare, etc. and new found disdain for unions. But he was such a relief after Ronnie and G.H.W. that I and most Democrats didn't appreciate the consequences of what he had done, even if we took issue with those things.

Too soon old, to late wise.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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