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Another reason why the EU can't afford to see Britain do well and Ireland do badly out of Brexit:
Nigel Farage says Irish will consider EU exit if UK fares well
Mr Farage said: "If the British government gets on with Brexit and two or three years down the road, we are clearly better off, better off democratically because we are running our own affairs, better off economically because we've reached out to the world, better off in terms of some of our industries and we've got our fishing waters back, then the pressure will be on Ireland and public opinion in Ireland will very much move in our direction."

The former UK's Independence Party (Ukip) leader told RTE's Today with Sean O'Rourke show it was "one of the great stories" that is pushed about Ireland that it was a "very pro EU country".

"Yet twice in the last 16 years the Irish people in referendums have rejected European treaties."

The big issues what could push Irish opinion in favour of Irexit would be if Brexit created a hard land border with N. Ireland and if something isn't done about fishing quotas in Irish waters.  Ireland has lost more in potential income from our fish stocks in territorial Irish waters than it ever got in EU grants and subsidies.  It is an issue which really rankles in coastal communities and fishing towns and is beginning to resonate more generally.

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