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As usual it will be the Government which inherits the problems which will cop most of the blame, not the government which caused them.  Most Republicans blamed Obama for the Economic Crash even though it was created and happened on Bush's watch. This is because they felt most of its effects during Obama's terms. Before that it was just another big news story effecting other people - disaster porn if you like.

My guess it will take 5 - 10 years for the true horrors of Brexit to unfold hitting ordinary people very hard.  In the meantime any doubters and naysayers will be accused of weakness, defeatism and lack of resolution - as Rogers is being pilloried now.

Will Labour be back in power in that time-frame?  If so they will be blamed for the economic disaster, failure to negotiate wonderful trade deals, public service melt-down, Scottish independence, and not getting rid of N. Ireland quickly enough...

Their one "success" will be to reduce immigration from the EU.  Sterling devaluation and economic melt-down would have seen to that anyway.

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