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yes, he is doing that badly. Holding your strongholds was acceptable when Corbyn was being attacked everyday in the papers as much by senior Labour figures as by actual Tories.

But Corbyn hasn't moved from a defensive crouch, he isn't creating a new ideology, people like Steve Kean and Varoufakis were brought in with great fanfare to advise on economic ideas and then were ostentatiously ignored.

There are no grand plans for jobs, nor for homes, welfare or services. It's all a big vague nothing. Corbyn was elected to change the direction of policy, but he just seems storm-tossed and adrift.

I still think he is better than a return to Blairite neo-conservatism that was on offer from at the original election nor from the faux-socialism allegedly offered by Owen Smith. As I said at the time, he's just a place holder, but he's not even doing that much.

Incidentally, Andy Burnham, one of the Gang of 3 from 2015, is now vying to be Labour's candidate for Mayor of Manchester. His pitch is to position Manchester as creating "Northern Labour" as opposed to Corbyn's metropolitan Labour. His catch-phrase is "protecting the safety of our streets"

Guardian - John Harris - The rise of a northern Labour party

And in the buildup to the campaign, with the tacit support of some MPs, he has come up with a new definition of what he wants to represent: "Northern Labour" - which, he says, "needs to speak very directly to people and represent them properly in terms of the way [they] think and feel".

This does not take much decoding. While Corbyn and his inner circle have rejected any calls for Labour to sound tougher on immigration, Burnham has been on manoeuvres, controversially claiming that Labour's stance is undermining "the safety of our streets" and the vote to leave the EU was partly about "more control in our immigration system"

Which, as I've always said, is Tory-lite, racist-lite and probably with a kicking for welfare recipients to prove that they are tough on society's "freeloaders"

That's not Labour, that's ukip. Andy Burnham has lost his way

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Thu Jan 5th, 2017 at 07:21:12 PM EST
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