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So fed up with this slagging off Corbyn.. gratuitous,  cruel, defeatist and unnecessary. Worst of all not recognising that although old, he is actually proposing a completely novel approach to politics, not personality based, not charisma based, not a recycled drabber-than-thou, pie in the sky, promise them the moon bullshit we have all been weaned on.
Sneer at him if it makes you feel intelligent or superior,  but put up an alternative or find more deserving targets for your scorn, please.
Happily the so-called experts are more wrong than right these days, and hundreds of thousands of new lefty voters signing up means the experts are wrong as per usual when they dissect the entrails of public opinion.
This is the really bitter aftertaste of turd-way Bliarism, that commenters may be smart enough to see his criminality in retrospect but remain fascinated by his media massage and (barf) charisma.
What the pundits get so wrong in this case, and his voters get so right, is that those values of so-called 'electability' are rotten to the core and Corbyn offers instead a different attitude to modern politics, ie, just be yourself.
Of course as always his success will depend more on whether he can get a quality, dedicated group of similarly minded individuals to form a government with were he to be elected.
What's the point of grand plans when the wheels are coming off? Designing a new liner as the Titanic hits the berg!
The Tories are patiently assembling their collective hari-Kiribati.  They-re fucking impaled on their own stupidity, all Corbyn has to do is hold steady and the whole shebang may well fall in his lap without a 'media makeover' or other drivel that would make him just another politico blowing smoke.
Stop fellating the media's distorted, inhuman, petty version of who he is and just help the Tories self-immolato, please.
Knocking him just plays right into Tory hopes you'll do exactly that.
 Nothing personal, Helen. I just get so fucking pissed off when I saw Kos doing it to Bernie, then Booman too.
Let the guy be FFS, he's getting a shit load more votes than you, I or anyone here will ever get, yes he has political weaknesses seen through the dumbed-down reductionist lens, but you don't get yet in my opinion is that same weakness is his secret sauce.
Hard enough the row he has to hoe, without this cheap, 2c peanut hurling from the gallery to sabotage him further. Nice company you put yourself with there, you really want birds of that feather around you?
Kill him and there is nothing doing for Labour, NOTHING! just the usual crapola that voters are finally, thankfully getting fed up with and stay home without voting for. If Corbyn gets aced you know you're just going to get another Millibland clone, or worse, if there is such an animal.
Petty, destructive, internecine carping is raised to a fine art in GB, sad to say.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty
by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sun Jan 8th, 2017 at 12:09:05 AM EST
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