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If you follow the links you very quickly get into the weeds of how quotas and tariffs are calculated and allocated to different countries/suppliers and the whole system seems very complex and, in parts, opaque. What Fox appears to be saying is that the UK will be looking for a proportionate share of current EU quotas but precisely how that proportionality is calculated is anything but straight forward and open to disagreement and negotiation and may even re-open the can of worms of how they were arrived at in the first place with new countries/suppliers trying to get in on the act and making agreement very difficult.

Who'd have thunk free trade could be so complicated?

Nigel Farage, who likes to extol the wonderful free trade opportunities awaiting the UK outside the EU, and who also likes to accuse fellow parliamentarians of "never having done a days real work in their lives" has probably never read a trade agreement, never mind negotiated one. They are hideously complex...

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