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Heken: they have no interest in losing the profit

As they write in the article:

Every piece of content on their platforms is monetizable and they are managing customers, not citizens.

Despite Facebook's recent attempts to address the issue under government pressure, the Russian ad problem is not a bug, it's a feature. It's discourse by market demand. The health or quality of speech matters only insofar as it is a value-proposition.

by Bernard (bernard) on Sun Oct 15th, 2017 at 06:26:23 PM EST
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And me ... a dinosaur ... without even a cell phone, much less a "device".  Oh woe is me.

They tried to assimilate me. They failed.
by THE Twank (yatta blah blah @ blah.com) on Sun Oct 15th, 2017 at 08:28:48 PM EST
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