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Chris Johns is not some wacko leftwinger or hard line remainer:
Chris Johns

Chris Johns was most recently Chief Investment Officer for global fundamental equities, State Street Global Advisers (SSgA). Previously he was CEO of Bank of Ireland Asset Management until the sale of that business to SSgA. He has worked in financial services, mostly asset management and investment banking, since April Fool's day 1986. Prior to that he was an economist, working in the UK Treasury and the National Institute of Economic & Social Research in London. He also taught economics in London and Cambridge Universities.

During the period 2002 - 2012 he was an appointed member of the Welsh Assmbly Government's Economic Research Advisory panel. (He grew up in Cardiff).

He wrote the columns 'London Briefing' and 'Serious Money' for this newspaper over the period 2002 - 2006.

I think you can take it it that he is pretty much in touch with City thinking, and perhaps big business thinking more generally.  And if what he says is their opinion also, you can be sure that contingency plans for a hard Brexit are rapidly being finalized and implemented. This is not just an academic debate... a hard Brexit is happening as we speak.  What is happening in the negotiations in Brussels is little more than window dressing: why negotiate seriously with someone who can't deliver on a deal anyway?

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