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A reply I wrote to Oui at Booman seems apt in this context:
I have always expected another election once the outcome of the negotiations is known - so disastrous will they seem compared to the status quo. Ireland, for one, is unlikely to accept any deal involving a hard border the DUP position will make unavoidable.  

However the problem is that any such outcome is unlikely to be clear until the very last minute before March 2019 meaning that an extension of the A50 period would be required to facilitate further negotiations with any new government that emerges.  

As any such extension requires the unanimous approval of the Council, it is anyone's guess whether the EU will agree to this. Many will be so fed up with the whole process by that stage they will just want it to end to enable the EU to move on to more urgent business like Eurozone reform.

Given that Corbyn's politics is so out of sympathy with the increasingly rigtward leaning EU body politic, it is unlikely an agreement with the new government will be achievable even if an extension of the negotiating period is agreed.

Increasingly, a good outcome for anyone requires the equivalent of a political miracle, and I don't count a belief in Unicorns is indicative OF A GOOD OUTCOME.

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