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Again, yea but no but yea.

There is another factor you're ignoring, which is public opinion. The proportions of remain/leave have continued to be fairly static for the last 18 months; "the concept of "Regretful Leaver" has been massively over-hyped and caused considerable resentments.

However, there have been signs since August that there are shifts occuring as not just at the contuing deadlock but as the foolishness of the Tory negotiators is exposed. People are beginning to notice that Boris Johnston really is a fool, David Davis is becoming repetitive in Parliament and looks genuinely flummoxed when somebody asks a technical question as if such things had never occured to him before.

As for Liam Fox, he increasingly is beginning to resemble Comical Ali, the Iraqi spokesman who didn't know there were tanks behind him, wheeled out on the news so that his stupidity provides light relief rather than to inform the public.

No longer are we talking about £350 million a week for the NHS, more we are talking about the continuing deterioration of the pound and what the £500 Billion loss so far is doing to the public purse.

People are beginning to notice. And public opinion is shifting. I saw last week a suggestion that there had been a 5 point shift over September. Lacking good news that trend will continue, maybe not 5 points a month, but this time next year that could begin to resemble a chasm. Especially as the City begins to up sticks.

House prices are falling everywhere in the country except the south east. When the City goes, that will encroach here.

The CBI points out that investment is falling, that may not matter to anyone now, but 12 months from now all sectors will feel it.

Food prices are rising. Up till now the food sector has been absorbing import price increases, but now they can't/won't. The retail price index went up 5% in september and will probably rise again before xmas.

People talk about 5% here and there as being negligible, but there are an increasing number of people who are financially on the edge now, hey don't have 5% for this, there are no luxuries to stop buying. This is it now. As it gets worse it will bite harder and harder. And the people it will bite will be all the poor tabloid buying brexiteers who didn't like immigrants and didn't care cos they had nothing to lose.

And as they begin to realise it's cos that will be our new life under brexit, they'll swing. And no tabloid lie can beat a reality in front of people's eyes.

That flood tide will stop brexit dead. This time next year.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Wed Oct 18th, 2017 at 02:39:05 PM EST

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