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Let's not forget the MEPs and their "veto" power. Frank hasn't given the political groups any role in The Scenario.

73 seats vacated in BREXIT in 2019
Macron to deliver vision for EU democracy in Athens

The first stage concerns the election of some 50 MEPs from transnational lists, beginning with the 2019 elections.

Assuming that Brexit remains on schedule, the UK's 73 European lawmakers would be replaced by around 50, chosen not for their nationality but for their political programme and their party. The aim is to strengthen the European nature of the elections while respecting the European Parliament's principle of degressive proportionality, according to this memo sent by the French government to MEPs.

UK's vacated European parliament seats may go to EU-wide candidates

Apportionment of EP seats2. When will eurogreen post likely "degressive proportionality" distribution?
EP resolution RC-B8-0237/2017, the "olive branch"
EP plenary session: The government leaders of the EU 27 member states should postpone their assessment of Brexit on 20 October as "sufficient progress" has not been made (557 votes to 92, with 29 abstentions)

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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