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I think Bernard is saying there can be no return to the Status Quo ante... The only circumstance in which the Council might accept a withdrawal of an A50 notification is if the Government which made the A50 notification is replaced by one which explicitly campaigned for remain in a general election or if a second referendum reversed the result of the first.

An A50 notification can't be allowed to become a negotiating tactic whereby a member state can negotiate better terms of membership for itself, or extend the time available to negotiate a departure.

I think Bernard is going further and saying that even if the Council were minded to accept an A50 revocation, it might impose conditions such as the loss of opt-outs or rebates.

I think that might be seen as being too punitive, and there would be a desire to avoid being seen to exacerbate the humiliation already felt by a member reversing its position.

Nevertheless, I doubt anything the UK said or wanted would carry much influence in EU corridors of power for quite some time after such a reversal. After all, Brexit is basically an attack on the EU27: the UK wanted the benefits without the costs, and someone else was going to have to pick up the costs.

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