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I´m a tiny bit skeptical.

From what I´ve read the UK before Brexit was already in the process of developing and introducing a new system for customs transactions. I think the goal was to boost capabilities from 60 or 90 million transactions per year to 150 million. And of course it was planned long before the referendum with EU tariffs and regulations in mind. Estimates seem to say that after Brexit Britain will need a system with a capacity of 300 to 350 million transactions per year.

The British will have to change their not-yet-ready system on the fly. And given what I know of government IT projects in Germany, I would expect the project to be late and wastly more expensive than planned.

And of course the system needs to be compatible with the Irish system. We´ll also need a whole new system of identifying regular "trusted traders" who can use the system. How to deal with tariffs and VAT. How to avoid VAT fraud.
And even assuming the ANPR works as advertised, how do you control the rest of the border?

And I think the problem with farm animals was only mentioned (partly hidden) in:

"Regardless of any efficiency arising from an ANPR system, the inevitability of certain consignments being routed other than green and goods or documents having to be examined would still require investment in suitable facilities at all designated crossing points."

Veterinary border inspection posts for the inevitable examination of animals or products of animal origin are still necessary. And that would hurt Ireland quite a bit.

by Detlef (Detlef1961_at_yahoo_dot_de) on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 at 06:45:20 PM EST
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