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Thank you for an excellent comment which articulates much of what I am trying to say. But you have to understand that British politics and media operates in a bubble where PR spin is everything.

So one day Brexiteers can be advocating the destruction of the EU as some sort of evil empire, and the next day May can be saying she wants a deep and meaningful relationship with "our European friends" and we are supposed to believe her as if Brexit isn't a direct attack on the EU as a whole.  

And then we are supposed to offer the UK all sorts of everything they desire (or have recently decided they want) because that is in "the EU's own best interest" and there is no better authority on what is in the EU's own best interests than the self same people who want to destroy it.

Davis is now going to prepare contingency plans for "a no deal Brexit" to show the EU how serious he is about walking away if the EU don't become "more imaginative and flexible" and give him what he wants.

I think it is only a matter of time before a majority of EU citizens and leaders decide that the UK should have the no deal Brexit so many of it's leaders evidently crave.

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