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Absolutely. But my point was that this was an example where the founding entities voluntarily joined the resulting polity. And, while New Amsterdam was a Dutch colony it was, by the late 18th century, predominantly English and English speaking. And, in usual usage, they were colonies, not imperial possessions. Imperialism was, when I was in college, reserved for the system that arose in the second half of the 19th century and was largely characterized by European rule over different 'races', as then characterized, by a tiny minority of Europeans.

The founding of the USA was by almost exclusively by descendants and recent arrivals from England and descendants of Dutch colonists who had assimilated into an English speaking population. And that was how they largely saw themselves - as Englishmen who had been badly treated by their country of origin. Rightly or wrongly.

The unacknowledged part of all of this was the ongoing genocide of the Native American population and the uses to which and the treatment of the Africans brought here in chains.    

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