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The charters granted a legitimacy which was valuable. The grantees benefited from that. The grantors - less so. From a business point of view almost all of these companies on the N. American continent were a disaster, though some, like the Hudson Bay Company, did survive into modern times, being dissolved in 2012. It was a profitable company but I do not know if it ever met the expectations of returns on which the grants were made.

Monarchs wanted to project power and influence within the constrained means of late feudal society. Colonists had their own reasons and supplied the people required. Limited Liability Companies were the most appropriate tool they had available so it was what got used. But they rarely made business sense by present day standards. Not to say the failed companies never benefited the Monarchs and/or at least some of the businessmen. An early version of "Government should be run like a business." The British East India Company was a whole different matter.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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