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The Conservative leader has taken a stand against further concessions on payments to the EU until progress on trade and transition arrangements are made.

Hello Teresa, when you run up a bill and try and wiggle out of paying it, making offers of partial payment is not a 'concession', it's defaulting, re-negotiating after the fact, aka welching.
Appeals to the EU negotiators' better natures after flouncing your skirts and snubbing your nose at them beforehand (while leaving your foreign secretary uncriticised while he sticks in his saboteur oar at every opportunity mouthing off provocative inanities, all the while shoving a shiv between your exposed shoulder blades) isn't the leverage you hoped for, is it now?
It was your call to treat the EU with archly aggressive disdain and toss your head at them so rudely, without comity or couth, as if your pouting snarl would immediately make them scurry back to their desks and humbly accept your conditions unconditionally.
Your haste to skip the formalities and cut right to the commercials is reminiscent of a child wanting dessert before soup, alternating naked greed with tantrums as strategy to win the EU over to your superior views on how things must be done, come what May wants, period.
And when they don't swoon in obeisance at this clarion call to reason, you turn coy and beg them to be understanding about how you look to your own electorate!
You'll get the hard Brexit your intransigence demands, not only because Cameron was bluffing with the referendum and it went pear-shaped and because the EU will feel compelled to make an example out of Britain to discourage others' exiteering in your polluted slipstream, but because your negotiation skills are so sub par.
You don't want a soft Brexit because you'll be seen as weak by your party stalwarts and be a big Fail on that level. More and more it seems like you want to wobble out on power-drunk legs and do as much damage as you can on the way, smashing mirrors, bringing down the hatstands and sidling off with the umbrellas.
Yelling into the dark while the country's split in two, the Irish question sticking out like a sore thumb, as unaddressed as the trivial matter of the bill being unpaid as agreed and public support for your strength and stability at an all time low isn't jaunty courage, it's a vacillating effort to cover up the fact that there is no viable plan for Brexit in your head. You're just winging it.
Did you really think you could finesse 27 countries with echoes of empire?
Nation of shopkeepers indeed, but where's the genteel icing of decorum for the cake?
'We don't want your friendship, we just want to trade with you' is not the brilliantly diplomatic move you delude yourself it is, as we are finding out. Funny how that's shaping up for a great transition period, while you cast about for a clue how to make this a win for anybody.


'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Thu Oct 26th, 2017 at 01:33:48 AM EST
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