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Europe Could See Another Brexit-Like Rupture--Beyond Spain - Bloomberg Businessweek
Later this month it looks likely the Czechs will have a new Trumpian prime minister--Andrej Babis, a populist billionaire who wants to send Arab immigrants back home and promises to make the government work as well as his businesses do. To be fair to Babis, he's a rather more subtle figure than the American president (not to mention a more successful businessman). ... This brings home the basic fact about all three populists: They're popular.

... Macron complained about people turning a blind eye to Poland and Hungary--and said he would seek sanctions on Poland for infringing EU rules and values while benefiting economically from membership. ... Few French voters would shed tears if less money went to Hungary and it was harder for Polish plumbers to get jobs in Paris. And now Macron wants to push ahead with efforts to integrate the EU, centering on the euro zone, which will enrage the eastern countries that are outside the currency union.

The other personality is Kaczynski. Volatile, paranoid ..., the Polish leader makes Boris Johnson seem rather predictable and easy to handle.

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Fri Oct 6th, 2017 at 09:23:31 PM EST

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