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A Harsh Wake-Up Call for Some Brexiteers - The Atlantic
"But then I started to have a sinking feeling," ... Two weeks later, Nigel Farage ... resigned from his position as the head of the UK Independence Party ...; the full weight of her mistake hit her.

... "I never in a million years thought we would actually leave," Oli Hiscocks, a 38-year-old Bregretter from South London, told me. ... But he based his choice on widely accepted predictions that Remain would win. Then the results came in. "I felt physically sick. ... What the hell had we done?"

... He'd never imagined that leaving the EU would make Britain so unattractive to foreign businesses. He also never imagined it would embolden Conservatives MPs like Jacob Rees-Mogg... What has unfolded over the last 15 months, Webb said, is "almost like a horror story."

... Now, Black grasps that Brexit might prevent his children from working in the rest of Europe. Indeed, in the EU, British voters aren't regarded as victims of a dishonest Leave campaign.

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 at 05:27:01 PM EST

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