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Tens of thousands of financial jobs will be going, it seems that Frankfurt has won the beauty contest and they're all off there. T

That said, FoM may not have the infrastructure in place to cope unless they go bonkers with building. there are already tales of a lack of school places for 2018.

But I'm sure there will be plenty of jobs moving to Paris and Dublin as well.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Tue Nov 21st, 2017 at 06:02:59 PM EST
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It will be interesting to see how many jobs evaporate during these moves and replaced by not every expert Expert Systems.

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
by ATinNM on Tue Nov 21st, 2017 at 09:38:19 PM EST
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