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Welcome "consociationalism" to the worldwide web of euphemism.

"Nationalist, Unionist or Other:" The Poverty of Consociational Politics in Northern Ireland

As John McGarry, one of the chief academic supporters of consociationalism, put it in 1995, "the problem with integrationist solutions  political pluralism is that they require a willingness to be integrated, and no such willingness exists in deeply divided societies [TO APPLY EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS TO ALL CITIZENS]... Many blacks [SIC] in the United States are now [?] coming to realize, ironically [?], that the separate but equal doctrine in `Plessey v. Ferguson' is more attractive [!] than the separate means unequal [!] doctrine of "Brown v. Board of Education'." This kind of `realism' denies the common experiences of workers in capitalist societies as well as the opinion poll evidence in Northern Ireland showing consistent support for integrating or mixing in schools employment, housing and socially.

While the Good Friday Agreement includes some gestures towards integration, the actual workings of government involve the consociational management of difference.

Consociational government aims to produce a kind of voluntary apartheid in which each 'side' chooses among representatives from its own political 'community'.

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De-colonization of the mind is hard werk.
:: incidentally
Just last night I took up reading a dissertation "Egyptian and Italian Merchants in the Black Sea Trade, 1260-1500" (2014). I fell asleep on p 85 (of 471 pp), where the author still deep into the differences, nuance, and disambiguation of "slave" and "unfree" terminology, enforced by Arabic-speaking and Turk-speaking muslim peoples and disciples, or notaries, of the "Latin" and "Greek" ecumenical laws respecting "natural freedom." By region. Since Aristotle, but before the "Atlantic trade." hmmm.
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"... fired by civic pride, religious fervour and mercantile enterprise"
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Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Wed Nov 29th, 2017 at 06:16:40 PM EST
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Last night, I endured lengthy discursion on regional buyer preferences, use, and gender properties of female slaves as pertains to common laws and litigation before falling asleep. At p 130 --nearly half way through-- I mulled suspicion: Why the title of this dissertation misleads the reader about a particular "trade".

Tonight I will suspend disbelief and resist every temptation to skip to the conclusion.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Thu Nov 30th, 2017 at 10:08:19 PM EST
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Finally, p 219, stepped into the political economy, the tar, binding medieval Black Sea commerce! Located a perfunctory and incredible statement that slaves were NOT the most important commodity, as no discussion of other stock, OpEx, investment, or bi-lateral trade agreements ensues.

The reader is to fault the Mamluks and Venetians for not keeping tidy records like the Genoese who taxed. This is also to pardon reliance on anecdote and subsequent dodgy empirical representations of vol and val. I anticipate much confusion in description, if any, of trade balances between colonies ("factors" as they were known to the Atlantic trade) and the several kingdoms.

From Caffa to Aleppo! Crimea!
I must say, I do appreciate the digression outlining the "Golden Horde" khan dynasty politicking and multi-ethnic constituencies, because fine distinctions between Mamluk turk-circassian-tatar-kipchak sultanates, khanates, and amirs controlling Genoese and Venetian colonies, ports, and supply/demand creation which emptied into the Mediterranean had challenged my imagination. Imagine my surprise to learn Uighur/Uyghur was the written not spoken language of Mongols before it was an oppressed terrorist minority in China or joke at the Al Smith Dinner.

At various junctures (of evasive moral turpitude) I find myself comparing this business to Time on the Cross, the massive Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World, or the most brief examination of Mycenaean riches, "Anatolian Women in the Linear B Texts. A General Review of the Evidence": slaves or economic migrants?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 at 10:59:30 PM EST
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