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The settlement bill is back in the news with bad accounting infographic and equivocal text, I suppose, to confuse the Leavers.
UK could pay £50bn Brexit divorce bill after bowing to EU pressure
The UK has bowed to EU demands on the Brexit divorce bill in a move that could result in the UK paying £50bn to Brussels, in an attempt to get France and Germany to agree to move negotiations to trade.

Non-stop behind-the-scenes negotiations have led to a broad agreement by the UK to a gross financial settlement of £89bn on leaving the bloc, although the British expect the final net bill to be half as much.

Worth noteing, Guardian alludes to a payment schedule it would rather not report, I suppose, anticipating an opportunity to dress UK demand for a "transition period" as a victory for "future partnership", or a PHASE II trade deal.

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by Cat on Wed Nov 29th, 2017 at 07:25:36 PM EST
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