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Here is a digest of 31 Oct and 1 Nov proceedings appearing to corroborate witness' testimony. McClatchy's editorial management is center-right of euractiv.
How a Russian troll sowed conflict using fake photos and news coverage
McClatchy has identified eight stories that included tweets from accounts that have now been identified as Russian trolls. An entire story was written based on this particular account, misstating that it was the unofficial account of the Tennessee GOP, while the other stories embedded a troll tweet as part of reaction within a larger story. Those tweets have now been removed.

McClatchy was one of several news organizations, including the Washington Post, AP and BuzzFeed, that wrote about false tweets by Russian troll accounts such as TEN_GOP, and experts say it perfectly illustrates what the Russian trolls hope to accomplish - division.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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