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SEN. CHARLES GRASSLEY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Thanks to both of the senators for leading this discussion and thanks to the companies for their cooperation. The press has reported that the Russian government placed ads in facebook that were largely aimed at influencing the election. So I want to highlight what I consider and inaccuracy in that reporting. The committee is reviewing the ads that Facebook has produced. Although all the ads do not support a specific candidate either republican or democrat and about half of the ads my staff have reviewed were placed after the election the large majority exploits controversial issues  in our country and an effort to further divide us as a country. For example, some ads target users in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Cleveland. These ads spread stories about abuse of black Americans by law enforcement. These ads are clearly intended to worsen racial tensions and possibly violence in those cities. It might true that those ads were intended to influence elections, but it's important to be clear that the nature of the ads Russia does not have loyalty to a political party in the United States. Their goal is divide us and discredit our democracy. So question for you Mr. Stretch. The ads that Facebook has produced are all about, all from Internet Research Agency, What is Facebook doing to identify ads and contents placed by other bad actors?
STRETCH: Thank you question. Thank you, Senator, for the question. We are focused on broadly on addressing questions of authenticity in the content that's placed on our platform. And the investments we're making around security and around transparency sweep across the entire platform. So for example the learning that we gain from the twenty sixteen election and from our expansive investigation into it now informs the automated tools that we use to detect and remove fake accounts from anywhere.
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SEN. RICHARD DURBIN: Last night, Mr. Stretch, nineteen major civil rights organizations sent a letter [1],[2],[3]  to Facebook which explain their, quote, deep concerning ads, pages,and hateful content on your platform used to divide our country and in particular to promote anti-muslim, anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ animus. The organizations referenced (sic) a number of examples that have previously been reported by the media inclusing a Russian Facebook account that, quote, not only promoted anti-immigrant messaging (sic) online but also managed to organize an in-person anti-refugee rally in Twin Falls, Idaho, August of 2016. The letter also detailed a reported situation that Facebook offers its expertise to a bigoted advocacy group by creating a case study  testing different video formats and advising on how to enhance the reach of the group's anti-refugee campaign in swing states during the final weeks of the 2016 election. What is your response to this letter? Is it true that Facebook assisted an anti-muslim effort?

gratuitous invocation of "black children"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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