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Identifying Twitter, Facebook, Google principle business should not be controversial. But it is as is the meaning of "cloud" computing. SEN. KENNEDY's examination --Are you a publisher?-- at one point leads SCHRECHT to acknowledge on behalf of the other witnesses, although the Facebook publishes only "user content", Facebook is not a publisher.

47 U.S. Code § 153 - Definitions

(14) Consumer generated media The term "consumer generated media" means content created and made available by consumers to online websites and services on the Internet, including video, audio, and multimedia content.

(24) Information service The term "information service" means the offering of a capability for generating, acquiring, storing, transforming, processing, retrieving, utilizing, or making available information via telecommunications, and includes electronic publishing, but does not include any use of any such capability for the management, control, or operation of a telecommunications system or the management of a telecommunications service.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) | NAICS 51
NOTE: The NAICS 2002 subsector Internet Publishing and Broadcasting: NAICS 516 has been discontinued in NAICS 2007 and the establishments that had been classified in this subsector have been moved into Other Information Services: NAICS 519.

Industries in the Other Information Services subsector group establishments supplying information, storing and providing access to information, searching and retrieving information, operating Web sites that use search engines to allow for searching information on the Internet, or publishing and/or broadcasting content exclusively on the Internet. The main components of the subsector are news syndicates, libraries, archives, exclusive Internet publishing and/or broadcasting, and Web Search Portals.

Principal business being that activity by which the majority of revenue is derived, neither is their business "telecommunication service" or "information technology provider" according to USC or NAICS. Which is not suggest any complementary lines of business such as software development do not bear on quid pro quo relations with government purchasing authorities.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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