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Fair enough. HUAC controlling membership did acquire in '56 some semblance of bipartisan interests.

I was hoping you'd flag plays in the SENATE SUBCOMMITTEE on Internal Security in the period, beginning 1951.

The chairman of the subcommittee in the 82nd United States Congress was Patrick McCarran of Nevada. William Jenner of Indiana took over during the 83rd United States Congress after the Republicans gained control of the Senate in the 1952 election. When the Democrats regained control in the 84th Congress (1955-1957), James O. Eastland of Mississippi became chairman, a position he held until the subcommittee was abolished in 1977.

McCarthy chaired this subcommittee only '53-'54. HISS, a Democrat, was indicted by HUAC in '48, however, while the Democratic Party controlled the House. (Incidentally, exonerating non-fiction is trending these days that disputes FBI paid-informant CHAMBERS testimony.)

You would have noticed in the wikipedia reference (above) conforming name change of HUAC (1969), signifying one may argue, success of House activities in suppressing and appeasing domestic threats to the Democratic Party vanguard in the southern states such as "communist-front" civil rights agitation, ergo re-allocation of resources to the war effort as well as birth of the RNC "Southern Strategy".

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