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From Current Affairs. (Not about Northam who voted for Bush twice)
Something else happened in Virginia, though: the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, became the second African American elected to statewide office in Virginia history. More important than his race, though, are his beliefs: Fairfax was a progressive whose environmentalist stance against new pipeline construction alienated him from the Democratic Party, to the point where they even left his image off campaign flyers. Yet Fairfax beat the Republican candidate by a healthy margin, proving that you don't actually have to compromise your values in order to win.

The other most-noted story was Philadelphia District Attorney's race, in which the Unelectable Larry Krasner, a career defense attorney and critic of mass incarceration who supports Black Lives Matter and the ACLU, beat the Republican candidate by 40 percentage points. Krasner has been called an "ultra-progressive": the police union can't stand him, and he was considered the least likely person to ever be chosen as a prosecutor. Again, there's a lesson here about not compromising your principles: Krasner was clear on what he stood for, clear on what he intended to do, and people responded positively even though he was well outside the "mainstream."

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