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While having Britain in the EU can have been considered a plus for a largely EU-sceptic country, Brexit is not covered that much in Sweden. If you would poll the man on the street, I doubt they would know or care more then that the UK voted to leave.

The Löfven government has many issues that takes priority. There is a red-green fight over asylum that cuts through the cabinet, in particular the question of issuing an amnesty for mainly young Afghani refugees that arrived in 2015 and now in the most extreme cases have their age written up by days so that their age by the date of decision (not age by date of arrival) is exactly 18. There is also a number of scandals relating to handling of IT-systems, an ongoing problem of austerity in social insurance systems, as well as poor general polling for the greens heading into the election year of 2018.

In sum, the EU council meeting is a good opportunity to appear important, but Brexit isn't important enough to spend political capital on. Sweden will as far as I can see tow the EU-line as long as there isn't something on the agenda that impacts directly on Swedish interests, like keeping out of the euro.

The only Brexit related coverage that I can remember having any impact is the last few days when Denmark and south Swedish politicians has accused Stockholm of not being supporting enough for getting the Medicine Agency to Copenhagen after Stockholm was eliminated in the first round.

by fjallstrom on Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 at 04:19:28 PM EST
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