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Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats? Science Has an Answer
In each of the dogs' brains, despite varying in size, researchers found about 500 million neurons, more than double the 250 million found in the cat's brain.
Interestingly, the science answers (as the media announces it) were somewhat different 5 years ago:

Cats vs dogs: Which pet is smarter?

Researchers at CanCog Technologies, a private institution in Toronto that studies behavior and aging in companion animals, have tested dogs and cats on the same tasks, using cats that show the same level of interest in food rewards as the dogs. They found that cats make more errors than dogs and require more trials to learn the same tasks [...]

On the other hand, the physiology of dog and cat brains seems to suggest that cats have the advantage. While brain size isn't a good indicator of intelligence, the number of neurons could be, experts say. Cats have 300 million neurons to dogs' mere 160 million. By comparison, humans have 11.5 billion.

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