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I think the take-away from this is that a growing real-AI (not a game-playing toy AI) would develop competencies in relation to the environment in which it found itself - the physical architecture of its computing core and the networked environments to which it has access. The sort of being that would emerge from such an environment is hard to imagine, because it is fundamentally inhuman at every step.

If it had the ability to re-program, or even rebuild itself in repsonse to that environment, then it would have access to a vastly more rapid ability ot change, test, and refine its own mental and physical architecture than is available to any living being. Again, who knows where this might lead.

If a mind-machine interface were ever to be invented, and such a growing AI were granted access to such, it may well grow to understand and take advantage of that. Building and training an AI to know, understand, and communicate with humans might take such a radical form of training. Who knows.

I am not terribly worried about any of the specific AI we see now, because they are limited and incredibly stupid outside their particularly designed domains of knowledge. However, the power and strength of these stupid and limited AI's increasingly suggest that the era in which an actual, general purpose and potential dagnerous AI could be created is coming closer. We can only hope that such a thing is created deliberately, in a controlled environment - and that it does not spontaneously emerge in secret. But that is the thing about the unknown - it is unknown.

by Zwackus on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 at 03:11:01 AM EST
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