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Those are no "mutually contradictory" statements in this doc, if indeed the objective of IE gov is to  prevent UK and NI realizing pretexts of necessity --the canard--requiring IE-NI "hard border" to restrict movement of goods to UK headquarters. Press tied UK-EU customs to free NI-IE movement of people, misinforming many speculators about merits of BREXIT talks and misrepresenting both EU and UK consideration offered IE.

The MOU between EU and UK should eliminate ongoing conjecture about NI "special administrative" apparatus and "internal economy," or "island economy," explicitly created by the GFA and only to communicate with IE. Paragraphs 47-51 reiterate, any customs cooperation or dispute to NI-IE ("North-South") and IE-UK ("East-West") diplomacy such as CTA &tc.

47. Cooperation between Ireland and Northern Ireland is a central part of the 1998 Agreement and is essential for achieving reconciliation and the normalisation of relationships on the island of Ireland. In this regard, both Parties recall the role s, functions and safeguards of the Northern Ireland Executive, the Northern Ireland Assembly, and the North - South Ministerial Council(including its cross - community provisions) as set out in the 1998 Agreement. The two Parties have carried out a mapping exercise, which shows that North - South cooperation relies to a significant extent on a common European Union legal and policy framework. Therefore,the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union gives rise to substantial challenges to the maintenance and development of North - South cooperation

48. The United Kingdom remains committed to protecting and supporting continued North-South and East-West cooperation across the full range of political, economic, security, societal and agricultural contexts and frameworks of cooperation, including the continued operation of the North - South implementation bodies.
50.In the  absence of agreed solutions, as set out in the  previous paragraph, the United Kingdom will  ensure that no new regulatory barriers develop between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, unless, consistent with the 1998 Agreement, the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly agree that distinct arrangements are appropriate for Northern Ireland. In all circumstances, the United Kingdom will continue to ensure the same unfettered access for Northern Ireland's businesses to the whole of the United Kingdom internal market.

51.Both Parties [NI gov, UK gov] will establish mechanisms to ensure the implementation and oversight of any specific arrangement to safeguard the integrity of the EU Internal Market and the Customs Union.

What power did IE win, exactly, that it didn't possess already?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 at 08:25:44 PM EST
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Time is up.

The UK appears to have accepted ("in principle" and on behalf of NI) responsibility to maintain and service customs surveillance of goods entering or leaving its territories and ports anywhere except NI-IE land border.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 at 09:02:05 PM EST
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The Brexit negotiations are about damage limitation, at best.  Ireland is doing its best to retain most of the benefits of EU, SM & CU membership in the face of a possible rupture of trading relationships between UK and Ireland - already damaged by Sterling Devaluation - and political and cross-community relationships in N.I.

There are no net winners out of Brexit, only losers, and the battle is over who can reduce the damage most. I doubt even the oligarchs who funded Brexit will gain what they thought they would gain out of Brexit.

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