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John and Allen Dulles: "founding fathers" of the corporate culture of US intelligence agencies including the FBI that inexplicably (if MSM commentary is to be trusted) are meddling with and interfering in impunity of the the office of the POTUS.

Here is timely opposition to manufactured consent to "national security" courage, impunity, and heroic acts: secretive meddling and interference is a good thing.

The most historically interesting element of this moment is the rarity of seeing the CIA operating, in real time, not in its usual historical role as a covert arm of the presidency (which Congressman Otis Pike argued was its primary function), but as the sort of rogue elephant that Senator Frank Church and others long ago claimed it is.

The CIA as Kingslayer

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by Cat on Sun Feb 19th, 2017 at 07:59:51 PM EST
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