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Whether Trump knew this and coordinated with Russia on this or not is immaterial, as is whether Russia could extort him to control like a low-level agent or not.

I can't parse this. You say it doesn't matter if the US president's policies are in the interest of another country ( and every change in policy creates winners and losers so that is true of all presidents all the time ) or if the president is outright remote controlled by another government. Is that your position?
So what about Reagan who won the presidency partly because Iran delayed the resolution of the hostage crisis? Does the same apply here? Can US behavior no longer be understood without including Iranian interests? What about Nixon and South Vietnam?

by generic on Wed Feb 22nd, 2017 at 08:44:32 AM EST
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Your examples are a lot worse, because they were done in secret and had nothing to do with what they were campaigning on. Trump's Russia policy, like it or not, was exactly what he was claiming in his campaign, and is exactly what the Electoral College (i.e., the "American People") voted for.
by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Wed Feb 22nd, 2017 at 08:56:50 AM EST
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Which makes this all the more puzzling. What is supposed to be so new and exciting that Russia's alleged role in the election?
by generic on Wed Feb 22nd, 2017 at 09:26:31 AM EST
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