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"I call them Baby Losers" - Youth in France - Zeit
... in the public debate, it's just old people talking to old people about problems facing old people.... On the other side is the only party pledging political renewal: Front National.

Marine Le Pen, has completely rejuvenated the party ...

Last October, I said that Trump would never get elected. And last May I said the British would never vote for Brexit. That's why now all I'll say is: I don't know. But I am extremely worried. In the televised debate before last, Emmanuel Macron spoke optimistically about the country's economic situation for seven minutes. When he was done, Marine Le Pen told viewers: "You hear that? It's like pleasant music, it's nice to listen to. But what did Mr. Macron really say in the last seven minutes? Almost nothing." That is indeed a problem for Mr. Macron, that he is extremely ambiguous and optimistic and doesn't speak about the significant problems facing France. Ms. Le Pen and Mr. Macron will likely face off against each other in the second round of voting and Le Pen has a significant amount of ammunition to use against Mr. Macron. We cannot leave it to the pessimists to paint a realistic image of French society.

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Sun Apr 9th, 2017 at 09:11:38 PM EST

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