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In this - Scan-resesarch 23-27 march - that I quoted for Melenchon-LePen and Melenchon-Macron, they had Macron-LePen at 70-30. And slightly different numbers of respondents. So I think essentially you have the left+middle voting against LePen and middle+right voting for Macron over Melenchon.

Pretty small poll, with 600 something respondents.

A new and larger poll is up on Wikipedia now, Kantar Sofres 5-7 april, with 1515 respondents. They have:
Macron-LePen 61-39
Melenchon-LePen 57-43
Macron-Melenchon 53-47

So same winners, but tighter races.

by fjallstrom on Mon Apr 10th, 2017 at 02:06:56 PM EST
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