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If this is clickbait, it was totally unconscious, unless this is my subconscious playing tricks on me...

The facts remains: all the polls have been telling us this is going to be a Le Pen/Macron run-off, and this for a month and a half now.

Then again, what the polls predicted and what came out on election day has been shown to sometimes quite different (Brexit & Trump being the prime examples), so caveat emptor more than ever.

One thing I Really wanted to highlight is that this election is really quite different from the previous, well-known and well formatted, PS vs. LR (or PS vs. UMP) of the past decades, even though one might argue (as Le Pen does) that Macron is sort of a Hollande plant.

As trite as it may seem, we have never seen this before since the onset of the Fifth Republic, which may explain the relatively high number of undecided voters.

by Bernard on Tue Apr 11th, 2017 at 06:27:05 PM EST
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