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My impression (backed by polling data) is that those favouring Macron and Le Pen have been the most highly motivated and sure of their vote; late-deciding voters may be hesitating between the mainstream left (or right) candidate and the minor ones. That would (in my dreams at least) tend to favour Mélenchon and Fillon.
The "useful vote" phenomenon can work both ways on the left : in favour of Mélenchon, at the expense of Hamon and the minor candidates, or in favour of Macron. My personal propaganda line is that this second option is a "second round" position, that no-one on the left should vote for Macron in the first round... We'll see.

It seems actually that turnout is fairly average :

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by eurogreen on Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 at 01:26:36 PM EST
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