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Fillon and Mélenchon slightly out-performing their polls

well, I called that... but optimistically overestimated it.

Yes, there is a lot of agonizing, recrimination, name_calling etc going on in the social media, notably the Insoumis -- Mélenchon's movement -- arguing about what to do for the second round.
Mélenchon has been heavily criticized for not calling for his voters to back Macron. He has made it clear that he will be voting for him personally, but the Insoumis are holding a consultation, with the three options being :
A) blank vote
B) vote Macron
C) abstain.
The result will be announced on Friday.

Personally, I have swung between voting Macron, voting blank, and back to Macron. My partner, who will be out of the country on the 7th of May, was going to give me a procuration to vote in her place, then decided on Sunday that she wouldn't. And coming back to the procuration, so that I can cast a blank vote on her behalf.

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by eurogreen on Wed Apr 26th, 2017 at 09:10:04 PM EST
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