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Marine Le Pen May Get a Lift From an Unlikely Source: The Far Left - The New York Times -

One of Mr. Mélenchon's top aides derided the candidate's critics in a telephone interview Tuesday. "You've got to look at where the criticism is coming from," said Éric Coquerel, a member of the Paris regional council.

"It's coming from those whose policies have favored the development of the National Front, from the Socialist Party," said Mr. Coquerel, referring to the quarrel that divided the French left for five years: the governing Socialists' mild pro-market turn, seen as a betrayal by France's far left.

"We don't want to help Marine Le Pen, but we don't want to endorse Mr. Macron," he said.

"He's the candidate of free trade," Mr. Coquerel said. "He's going to assist in the Uberization of society. Everything we are going to fight against in the coming months. There's no possible rapprochement."

Bold for silly editorializing.

This is a perfectly reasonable stance. Of course Centrists are desperate to sell their horse shoe theories about the Left secretly preferring the fascists.
Especially in France this demand to kiss the centrists ring has nothing at all to do with keeping the fascists out. They want to pull everyone into their TINA non-politics, effectively murdering democracy. After all they don't even care for any of the things the fascists would destroy.
 Our very reasonable centrists are doing their best to have refugees drown in the Mediterranean, build border fences across Europe, support the worst kind of despots around the globe, conspire to provide international companies with veto power over public policies and are now chomping at the bit to hand broad censorship powers over to private companies to prevent "fake news". Sure Le Pen would be worse but they are not offering any principles to adhere to.

by generic on Fri Apr 28th, 2017 at 03:15:01 AM EST
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