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No, it was released so late because there is absolutely nothing substantial in it, it looks like a huge mass of office memos. (One assumes that all the really interesting mail would be encrypted...) Therefore, they don't want to leave time for analysis. It's pure innuendo. On TV the other night, Le Pen dropped in an innuendo about Macron having an account in the Bahamas (Wouldn't it be funny if we learned, in the next few days...) and Macron's team immediately laid a complaint about false news aiming to influence the election.  

At best, this may re-motivate those FN supporters whose enthusiasm has been visibly flagging these past few days. But Fillon voters who were intending to vote Le Pen : this will be a major turn-off for them.

For all the effort the Russians appear to be putting into influencing elections, they're really pretty crap at it. Maybe good enough to fool Americans, not good enough to fool the French.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II

by eurogreen on Sat May 6th, 2017 at 04:51:31 PM EST
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Maybe good enough to fool Americans, not good enough to fool the French.

A flaming bag of dogshit on a front porch at Holloween is good enough to fool an American.

They tried to assimilate me. They failed.

by THE Twank (yatta blah blah @ blah.com) on Sat May 6th, 2017 at 10:39:46 PM EST
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